Questnet review – a global company

Gaining trust of the public sector is not an easy task. Marketing is a very fast field industry and when it comes to commercial business, one often finds it very difficult to create a niche. The identity of any company depends upon the its marketing of that company. You may have the best product possible but if your marketing is poor, there is no guarantee that it will last in the market.

Product innovation is always the key to a successful business. And as an member independent representative of Questnet QuestNet and my research, through this Questnet QuestNet review, I assure you that as a business it has done that very well. It has evolved with time and produced some extremely great products. It functions on the basis ofas a multi- level marketing company and came into the industry quite younghas been in the industry for more than a decade. It faced andealt with initial struggles like all businesses did . But but it grew as a company with some really goodin a slow but sure pace. It provided people with the option of earning an additional source of income. This led to them being able to lead more luxurious lifestyles.
Despite extreme competition and starting with an unusual business, Questnet managed to create a very good name for itself. It was booming in the market and was enrolling a lot of customers. It was a glorious time till the Questnet scam raised its ugly head and spoilt its fairytale like journey.

The MLM Company initially faced a lot of difficulties. Its  The QuestNet business plan became a success story with a lot of positive reports favouring it. Very soon it expanded over many countries across the globe. The strategies adopted in the multi level form of marketing mostly include networking and selling the products directly. Once you become the member of the company like I did, you can actually become the face of the company as they you will market the company and its products to the masses. The products are extremely good and add a lot to the lifestyle of the masses.

An member independent representative besides selling products also enrols other new members. As he does this, he gets a heavy commission on every salecompensated. This leads to a chain of members who form multiple levels of sellers.  Thus, this exactly is the business model of multi multi-level marketing.
One also needs very good marketing and communicational skills. One doesn’t need to be have an MBA or be an engineer to be involved with the selling of this company. Besides, tThere is complete freedom to for the members to carry out the business as they wish. One could even take this up as a part part-time profession and sell products to the people they knowor choose to do it full time. There is no path of plan as such to follow.

Despite extreme competition, QuestNet managed to create a very good name for itself. It was booming in the market and was generating a lot of customers. It was a glorious time till the QuestNet scam controversy raised its ugly head and spoilt the company’s initial success.

But there is another side to every coin has two sides. There were rival companies who could not see thegot jealous and sceptical of the success of Questnet QuestNet and henceso, they started allspread these baseless allegations against it. The company’s credibility was questioned as a result of which people were hesitant to join the company. A lot of negativity negative began write-ups were posted and spread mostly throughon the Internet.

This Questnet QuestNet review aimsed to provide you the truth as I saw it. Hope it makes you see the truthit, too.

Guarding against the Risk of a Hospital Flood

Hospitals are a place people go during an emergency and must maintain a high level of cleanliness and sanitary areas.  When an area of the hospital floods, it can mean disaster for the people that come seeking aid.  The time the hospital is down, is time that is not spent saving lives.  A hospital can turn to a professional that specializes in risk assessment prior to the disaster striking.
A risk assessment is a scientific or calculated approach to identifying the potential areas the hospital is susceptible to risk.  The professional will make an onsite visit to find the individual challenges of the particular facility.  Flood risk is just one type of disaster that could occur.  A detailed report will be compiled that list out the different areas of concern and ways to guard against those disasters.  
The detailed report is part of the risk management plan that the professional puts together for the hospital.  An implementable plan of action that assigns roles that must be accomplished to recover from the event.  The time spent to prepare for the event can save precious time during the recovery, or even prevent the disaster from occurring at all.
Preparations could include beefing up the drainage systems around the hospital facility or preparing a plan to keep flood water out by a physical barrier.  A hospital that is built in a flood plain must take special precautions due to the higher risk of incurring a flood in the area.  
People turn to hospitals for emergency help, but who does a hospital turn to for help during a flood.  A team of professionals should be preselected and on call for just such an emergency.  Click here to contact a professional that can perform the initial risk assessment to identify the challenges that might be faced.  Preventive measures can be taken to ensure some risks do not occur in the first place.  Unavoidable events can have a plan of action in place to start the recovery as soon as possible and limit the downtime the hospital faces.  A hospital needs to be operating at one hundred percent capacity to be able to save lives on a daily basis.  The professional that performs a risk assessment and put together a plan for risk management can save the hospital in a desperate time of need.  Start the process today to ensure a plan to guard against the risk of tomorrow.  

So why Consumers Benefit from Social Shopping On websites online

Utilizing web 2 and community Shopping is definitely ideal option to boost revenue for you if you are operating his or her e-Commerce retail outlets online. There’s lots of sites today that happen to be using social traffic and Shopping during combination that will help with don’t just generating greater expense, but at the same time sharing the expression of your products together with their type with many hundreds and tons from every one sale day to day.

The Selling point of Social Shopping

Sites the fact that allow others to shop online with the option to achieve this socially might keep visitors on the website for longer periods. When visitors are capable of voice your opinions regarding products together with merchandise, it adds to the site’s complete social status–making the webs store more associated with a community than just a effortless retail purchase.

Allowing clients to provide feedback, share their own personal photos, and get involved with the site should help with setting up customer dedication while proving your devotees and people who you care–and that your brand is created by him or her and for these people simultaneously.

A community e-Commerce site is very are located and busy, appealing that will anyone who may be seeking an experience of Shopping that could be exciting or the same as real life–especially when on the search for bargains and endeavoring to purchase something at discount before it is actually all had sold out concerts.


Most Shopping websites that give social involvement usually have deals together with special number packages available you could use that improve regularly. You have multiple users do one supply, social e-Commerce shops are capable of offer your handmade jewelry or plan at a good discounted level, encouraging brought on involved in the community to do the exceptional while posting it with relations and mates on popular social traffic communities in the process.

The Capacity Save together with Share

Another point of Shopping when using the incorporation for social skills is the fact that users are capable of save their favorite clothing, products and services, or material while also receiving the opportunity to share with you them in the process with simply click within the mouse. When on line e-Commerce retail outlets offer the chance to share products and services, purchases, and news or simply releases, they will dramatically increase numerous page perspectives their webpage receives every single day. When users within the e-Commerce network share products with the own loved ones, it is actually giving zero cost advertising to your website and not pay or get involved with the logistics for planning the marketing.

Various Types of Gas Central Heating For Your Home

Heating is needed in
some countries because of sub zero temperatures and keep warm people has to use
heating to maintain their body temperatures during winter. There are many ways
in technology to get the best heating system for the home. All heating systems
are energy efficient and will give value for money.

To cope with winter
people prefer central heating because it is efficient system and cost wise when
compared to other heating. With many features like an equal distribution of
heat in the house and many controls the central heating is most sought after by
people. When the gas is combusted in a chamber to produce heat it is called gas central heating.

The unit consists of a
thermostat which controls the heat and it switch off automatically when the
temperature reaches higher level and switches on itself when the temperature is
low. With the system using for turning on and off automatically, people need
not have to worry about its working. With automatic thermostat the heat inside
the house will be normal and optimum temperature. Another feature of a gas central heating system is the amount of fuel it
consumes. The heat generated by the combustion of gas in the chamber is
distributed by filling of water before starting the system.

If you decide to install gas central heating system for your home, ensure that you select
a good system with quality and energy efficient in the terms of cost also. Once
you decide to install the heating system for your house check for the price as
it is varies from service providers and it will reduce your budget on energy

There are two types of
heating system using gas available one is open vented systems and the second is
sealed systems. Open ventilation systems are more traditional with many parts
required and most important thing is heating efficiency will be less. Now more comfortable
and safe are sealed systems. These systems come with more modern features with
high heating efficiency which means the amount you spend on energy bill will
cost less.

First you must install
the boiler with good quality in it the water is heated. If you are using the
old system then the heating efficiency will be less and you may have to replace
the boiler with more modern one to get more heating. Since the heated water
will be stored in a cylinder, choose the capacity of the cylinder according to your
needs. The type and capacity of cylinder depend on gas central heating system whether it is vented or

Then next to choosing a
pump and it depends on the size of your home and the type of gas central heating system you selects. The cost a pump
depends on quality, material and capacity and you have to keep the three points
in mind. Finally to radiator from where the heat is transferred from hot water
in the room and it is better for you to install a high quality radiator from
which the heat is transferred and make you and your home protected from cold.

Boiler Servicing For Your Health

When you’ve troubles
with the boiler, it isn’t just a tremendous inconvenience, but in utmost
instances might be very grave. That is the reason, it is very vital that you
call your boiler
servicing agency.

Most of the people use
central heating system and get hot water running continuously; we just realize
its value when the boiler stops functioning properly. The simplest mode to
avoid this from occurring is to servicing the boiler on a regular basis, this

Saving expenditure
on the repairs

Repairing of your boiler
might be very costly, awkward and time wasting; just think that you are without
hot water in the mid of winter season and then you will soon feel the condition
of yours. By utilizing the facility of boiler
servicing every year,
preferably during the summer, you can repair any fault before any kind of grave
problem escalates.

servicing of the boiler will forbid carbon poisoning

Carbon is a tasteless
and odorless gas, which harms you gravely. A leak, which goes undetected, might
not make you dead, but it can give you serious problems if inhaled for some
amount of time. Health Safety Executive state that near about twenty
individuals die in every 12 months because of this dangerous gas.

Fuel Bill

Regular servicing of the
boiler will make certain that the heating boiler is running expeditiously. This
will give a positive effect on fuel bills plus also abbreviate carbon
discharges. This will as well have an effect if you’re thinking to sell your house.

your insurance

Like with any added
household products the boiler comes with a warranty provided by the
manufacturers. Even so, what you might not acknowledge is that this warranty in
most instances avails you a frequent boiler
servicing plan.
Therefore, to avert any kind of costly servicing you must read the warranty
card and its rules and regulations properly.

Employing an expert
boiler engineer

You must employ a
certified service engineer in order to accomplish the boiler servicing. In the
case of a gas boiler, ascertain that you are hiring an expert of Gas Boiler.
Your boiler servicing if done regularly will assure that the boiler will work
properly and safely. So, it is advocated to check your boiler annually,
avoiding future troubles and saving the emergency fixing costs. Your boiler
requires to be repaired at least one time each year to maintain it properly, a
boiler demands good service in order to run it without any error.

A registered Gas Safe
Expert Engineer can accomplish a wide array of quality checks of the boilers
during service session. Any deposits, which build up inside your boiler over 12
months will be made clean, including other kinds of dirty elements and it
surely enhance the total performance of the boiler as well as will also keep
the heating bills down.

So, you must not forget boiler servicing if you want hot water during winter or
if you don’t want any kind of health problem. It is very important for all
people who have boilers in their homes or offices to go for boiler servicing
for at least once a year.

Behaviour of people in corporate and Squirrels




in general are arboreal animals that prefers to live on the top canopy of the trees.  They do come down to ground in search of food
and water but some species are strictly arboreal like giant squirrels and while
some are terrestrials that live in burrows. 
Giant squirrels rarely come down to ground. 


one in the corporate will dare to say that they have not seen, heard or known
about the squirrels.  So are the people
in the HR functions and the management trainers.   The extent, the corporate people know about the
squirrels, the important management message they conveys is not known to


interesting aspect is that the squirrels can climb up the trees very fast.  The speed at which they can climb a tree from
ground is indeed amazing.  The more
thrilling fact is that, the squirrels cannot climb down from trees as fast as
they can climb up.  They have the force
only to take them up and not to the bottom. 


climbing down a tree, they exert an extra force to resist the gravity of earth in
order to prevent them from falling.  This
affects the speed of their movement. 
This quality and ability is built in the very behaviour and physics of
the locomotion of squirrels in general.


corporate masters and leaders must learn the unique management insight and its
subtlety.   After several decades of hard
work and passion, many corporate leaders would have reached the top position in
many corporate.  Journey to the top level
would not have come so easily.


at the behaviour level, these leaders can stoop down the values, etiquettes,
position and decorum of the corporate so easily.  For them, be at the top is difficult and
hence would easily come down than going up to their position.   In
brief, a positional dignity and discipline they never exhibit while interacting
with people.


they seldom recognize the fact that climbing up the ladder in the corporate
hierarchy is difficult and hence should respect their effort and the position that
they have attained.  


simple reason is that they always operate from the ground level.  The cultural and behavioural growth and
development of such people can support their existence only at the bottom


corporate should evaluate the employees carefully before promoting them to next
level.  Mere qualification, years of
experience, performance, knowledge or communication skills alone should not be
considered but the cultural and behavioural aspects of these people also must
be scrutinized to see whether that match for the next position.


and position given to people in single man owned corporate are largely from
subjective and perception centric approach. 
What the single man likes become the decision and policy of the
corporate.  In such corporate, many
people do occupy higher position with ‘mosquito’ and ‘shrew’ behaviour.   


gentle observation of the garden squirrel can give the HR function and the HR
trainers how to assess people for their worthiness for higher position in
corporate.  Learn from squirrels, if not
you thank them.  


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma
Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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  1. Jungle
    wisdom for corporate management – lessons from university of nature by
    Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan
  2. Nature
    – the entrepreneur by Dr S Ranganathan  

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Factors To Look Into When Purchasing A Used Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Finding the best used plastic injection moulding machine to purchase can be an overwhelming task. This is expensive equipment which means you have to consider your budget, the type and cost of machinery that you need. You will be wasting your resources if you purchase machinery whose capacity is more than you need. On the other hand, buying machinery whose capacity is lower than you need means you will not be in a position to serve your clients well.

Before shopping for the machinery, you will be required to determine what your needs are and how you expect to address them using the new equipment. It will be very disappointing to incur heavy investment that will not provide the required service. Careful research that might involve professionals is necessary to ensure the right asset is acquired.

There are various factors that can be used to select the right equipment to buy. The most common parameter many manufacturers use is the shot weight. This is usually measured in grams or ounces. Manufacturers can opt to use the injection volume or the measured shot weight as way of stating the shot weight of their machines.

Another important factor to consider is size of the equipment. Always match size of equipment to size of items to be moulded. Do not use large equipment to mould small items as they could get damaged. A lot of energy will also go to waste if you mould small items using large machinery.

In order to avoid quick degradation of the equipment, the temperature in the barrel should be lowered. Care should be taken to ensure it will provide service over an extended period of time. Since it is expensive, it should be used efficiently in such a way that the cost is recovered.

The third factor to consider is the clamping force of the apparatus. This force should be sufficient to keep the mould closed against the pressure of the cavity during injection. If the pressure is insufficient, it causes flash to arise at joints of the mould. Care should be taken to ensure the force is within the limits each item can handle.

There are various types of these machines in the market today. This is a factor that needs to be considered when making a choice of the equipment. Classification by type is done according to the driving system used in the apparatus. Before 1983 when the electric machines were introduced to the market, hydraulic presses were the only ones in use. While the electric presses had many advantages over the older ones, they are more expensive. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy with their use are speed, improved accuracy and production of less noise.

There is a new type of used plastic injection moulding machine in the market. It combines the best features of the earlier types. They however run like the standard machines consuming similar amount of power. Robots have been incorporated in the operation of the equipment.

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The research of electrolytic manganese metal

In 1956,
built the first production line. In 2004 Chinese electrolytic manganese
production reached 494000 T, become the world’s largest manganese powder
production country, exporting and consuming country.

Clean production is through the constant
improvement of the design, use advanced technology and equipment, use clean
energy and raw materials, improve the management, utilization and other
measures, to achieve ” energy conservation, pollution reduction,
efficiency” objective. Clean production is the route one must take to
realize the strategy of environmental protection by “extreme ”
control to whole process control of the pollution, but also an important way of
implement the scientific outlook on development, guide an enterprise to walk
along new-style industrialized. Electrolytic manganese as a high pollution,
high energy consumption industries, the implementation of cleaner production is
particularly important.

Electrolytic manganese is the main raw
material of manganese carbonate powder, concentrated sulfuric acid, manganese
dioxide powder and liquid ammonia, auxiliary additive is selenium dioxide.
Electrolytic tank anode liquid and 98% concentrated sulfuric acid in turn pass
into the combining slot, with casts skip adding manganese carbonate powder, while
the reaction towards the end, adding a manganese oxide ( composed of manganese
dioxide reduction roasting preparation ), when the reaction towards the end of
input ( manganese dioxide anode mud ) oxidation of low iron, adding liquid
ammonia to adjust the pH value to 3.8^ 4.2 make the iron to Fe ( OH ) 3 in the form
of precipitation, the above steps are in the combined tank. Electrolytic
suitable temperature is 38 ~ 42 ,
need cooling process. Natural cooling in the static pool, electrolytic
manganese precipitation is easily to be oxidized, first in the static pool to
join selenium dioxide as antioxidants, the static adjustment process is
generally 24h, obtain qualified electrolyte. Then the qualified liquid into the
electrolytic cell, electrolytic bath cathode plate precipitation at 99.9%
purity metal manganese sheet, through passivation, washing, drying, stripping
to obtain the product.

Filter slag comprehensive utilization,
including initial filter and fine filter press filter press, generally adopt
the plate basket filter, according to metal powder supplier, every tons of manganese
products produced filter residue about 5 ^ 6T, the initial filter residue accounted for more than 90%. If the
electrolytic manganese production is 30000 t/a, then the filter residue
generating capacity is about 15^ 180000 t/a. Filter residue stacking occupy a large amount of land,
containing large amounts of Mn, Fe and a variety of heavy metal residue, and
very fine particle size, easy access to water, soil environment, cause environmental
pollution. Many manufacturers have residue problem, serious destruction of the
local environment.

Initial filter residue comprehensive
utilization had been research before, the main idea is to recover manganese
mineral, then the tailing used to make brick or as road landfill, waste water recycling
through processing. Use the difference of manganese minerals and others of the
magnetic susceptibility to separate, by X ray diffraction and high
magnification microscopy revealed, manganese mineral surface by acid leaching
process of gypsum cover, must destroy the surface of the gypsum can be obtaining
the good effect of magnetic separation. After many trials, found a grinding to
head 120 occupies 90% above, and the strong magnetic roughing, finally strong
magnetic scavenging effect is good, mineral manganese recovery rate can reach
over 60%. Electrolytic manganese as a high material consumption, high energy
consumption, high pollution industry, while the enterprise carry out cleaner
production, through adopting clean raw auxiliary materials, advanced technology
and equipment, waste recycling, water reuse and other measures, improve the
electrolytic manganese industry, environmental and economic benefits, with important
real significance.


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Factors to be Considered before Selecting Rent Collection Service

Many of us might be into this troublesome situation that how to select a reliable and reputable rent collection service! Many individuals might get annoyed and bothered being the part of this process! They are looking out for such kind of factors and aspects that will make their search automatically easy and convenient. This particular piece of writing will be telling the readers some of the factors that should be kept in mind before selecting or choosing any rent collection service. Starting with, an individual first should see that whether the rent collection service possess online system or not. Avoid selecting and choosing that rent collection service that works in a manual way. If you want a smoother working flow then the company having an online rent collection would be suitable and appropriate for you. Secondly, sufficient amount of time needs to be given to the tenant or resident to pay his rent.

Make a choice for that rent collection service that will be allowing and permitting you to pay your rent from 8 to 9 business days. So far, these are enough days to get done with your rent payment. Below are some more factors that should be considered! Try to make use of them on a regularly basis so you might not have a bad experience with any rent collection agency. No risk factor should be there in that company! An individual should be considering that rent collection service that grants proper security and safe mode of payment. Provision of information security is also another important factor that needs to be considered by an individual while making a choice of any rent collection service. The system been used by the company, it has to be free from any spyware or malware so that there could be no malfunctioning in the working procedures. Lastly, superior and top class customer service needs to be delivered by any rent collection company!

They should efficiently and effectively answer the questions of their clients and customers so that they might be solve their ambiguities and queries in a best possible way. Maximum hours of support should be given by the company so that the client may not get messed up while paying the rent. You can also take feedback from your friends and family. They will surely be giving you the correct guidance while adopting any rent collection service. Experts and consultants have recommended and suggested that an individual should consider these factors as they play an important and significant amount of role to go for best and reliable rent collection Service Company! Hence, from the above mentioned written article, all the occupants and residents needs to keep in mind the above written factors and aspects so that they might make a correct and right choice while making a selection of any rent collection service company. All the factors are equally important and they cannot be neglected or avoided in any way! Make use of them and have some appropriate rent collection service to be experienced!

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QNET complaints, unleash the truth

Hard work and facing obstacles are two aspects that eventually lead us to our goals. The QNET complaints are the price the company has to pay as a result of the company’s success.

For those of you who are new to this discussion, let me give you a brief about introduction to this company. Q Net QNET is a direct selling company with various brands from segments like nutrition, watches, energy products, vacation packages and more. It is an example of a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure which, though sometimes looked upon with doubt, is in fact a very beneficial structure.

Let me ask you a question. Before today, how many of you were aware of such a company structure? I am sure half of you weren’t aware but I’m sure most of you would have read the numerous articles about the company which have been making rounds over the internet. I would like to go a step ahead and also point out that a lot of you would may have even believed the rumors spread about the company. Controversies seem to attract the attention of a lot of people. It isn’t important to them whether the things mentioned are true or not, but you would still want to hear it all.

QNET complaints have been spoken and read about only because it spoke about involves a company which is known as one of the leading multi-level marketing (MLM) network marketing companies presenting the world.  Did anyone try to find out the truth behind it? But you did discard it Or did you automatically label it as an unreliable company?

QNET complaints are mostly possibly spread by people distributors of the company who have either not benefited by from the structure the business plan, or by the rivals who find it difficult to compete with the progress of the company.

So why have people not benefitted by from the company?  In order to benefit run your own network marketing business successfully, one needs to put in a lot of time and efforts to it. But before all that, it is important to understand how the business works, the working as well as plan a strategy to execute the business efficiently. This itself takes up a lot of time. One is bound to fail if he/she or she does not consider all of this. Who is to be blamed here? Is it the independent representative or the company? It’s easier to blame the latter and move on, but one would fail in any task as a result of this approach. Unfortunately, the company suffers.

If I say that one must ignore all the QNET complaints that’s have been flooding the internet I would be labeled as a spokes person of the company. I am not a spokes person but an independent representative member who has benefited by from being part of this company.  It has given me a new direction to in my career and it makes me really unhappy to see people spreading baseless rumors about it. It’s time that we do not believe all that’s said but try to find the truth instead.