2bhk & 3bhk luxurious Residential Flats in Noida Extension Sec-12

Cinnamon Avenue is a new and beautiful piece of art developed by the most trusted and reputed Cinnamon Group which brings out innovativeness in each of their Project. The main motive of Cinnamon Group is to offer people a rich and luxurious way of living by fullfilling all their basic needs. Cinnamon Avenue is a project offering residential flats in a Apartment of area 4.5 Acre (Approx.). Cinnamon Avenue area that is spreaded over 10 miles offers many types of flats from low range flats with less number of rooms and toilets to high range flats with more number of rooms and more toilets. Mainly Cinnamon Avenue offers 2 and 3 bedroom flats in the following categories like :

  • 2 Bedroom + Hall + Kitchen + 2 Toilets with area of 895 sq. ft.
  • 2 Bedroom + Hall + Kitchen + 2 Toilets + Study Room with area of 1054 sq. ft.
  • 3 Bedroom + Hall + Kitchen + 2 Toilets with area of 1298 sq. ft.
  • 3 Bedroom + Hall + Kitchen + 4 Toilets + Servant Room with area of 1590 sq. ft.

There are total 760 flats in the total Area of Cinnamon Avenue Apartments. The main feature of this Apartments is that out of total area of this Apartment, only 20 % of Area is constructed and remaining 80 % area is used for plantation of trees to provide very fresh and pollution free air to the residents of this Apartment.
Flats built in Cinnamon Avenue Apartments are build by the finest workers and world class material is used for the construction purpose to make these flats tough and solid to make them withstand in the condition of Earthquake.Buildings in Cinnamon Avenue Apartments are of 20 floors.(Ground + 19 floors) and each floor is just having only 2 flats.Cinnamon Avenue from the exterior of flats is very relaxing and is designed to revitalize the body and soul with a massive peace of mind.All the international standards of construction are followed while designing Cinnamon Avenue Apartment in Noida Extension.Cinnamon Avenue Apartments also have several facilities to provide a good way of living like :

  • Swimming pool with many changing rooms
  • sauna and spa
  • Jacuzzi
  • 100% power backup
  • modular kitchens
  • marble flooring in all rooms
  • lobbies and balconies
  • continuous water supply
  • community/party hall
  • jogging tracks
  • Courts for games like badminton,basketball and volleyball
  • table tennis room
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Massive parking space

In addition to the above features, there are many security features provided in Cinnamon Avenue Apartments :

  • CCTVs
  • security Guards
  • Electronic Alarms

In short Cinnamon Avenue provides a luxurious way of living with its non ending facilities in area far from the heavily populated cities.

To BOOK your flat at low price just Call at Ph- 8586999741 and visit our website- www.cinamonavenue.com to see the site plans and floor plans of flats in Cinnamon Avenue Apartments.

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Enjoying Your Thermostatic Mixer Shower To The Fullest

you are in your bathroom planning to have the most rejuvenating thing of your
day, you need a perfect environment for that. You can have normal showers that
would give you feel of bathing but would not make you feel good while bathing.
If you are concerned about how your bath and not with just bath, then the
article is surely meant for you. In this article you would come to know about
the thermostatic mixer shower that could give you a wholesome
experience while bathing. There is more to it and you can get to know about
them only after you start exploring it more.

the help of this mixer shower, you can actually make your showering experience
a never forgettable one. You can have your shower at any time of a day with
adequate amount of temperature of the water. You need not to take down the
water into a bucket and then add cold water to make the water adjustable which
is the case with standard geysers used in many households. You can get to have
all the benefits of modern showering experience with thermostatic mixer

best thing about thermostatic mixer shower is that you can
have any temperature you want for you. If you are in need of cold water you
just need to switch it to the cold. If the water itself is hot, it would make
it cold for you to bath. The same applies for the other one also. You can have
hot water on demand as well.

places where winter and snow consists most of the year, this shower is really
important. If you have one in your house then having a shower in a cold dreaded
night would turn into fun. You have to know the features of the thermostatic
mixer shower
 well to handle them well.

you have a busy as well as huge family which uses water at different point of
the house at different times, you need not to worry. It would not affect the
temperature of the water which you are bathing with. You can have the water as
constant in temperature as you want. There is much to it, as it can save
enormous space for you as well.

is quite well designed and functions in such a way that you can use it to your
efficiency. It also consists of a safe mode, in case you have children in the
house and they would use it. You need to attain a minimum safety to use this as
this can turn into violent if not used properly as instructed.

mixer shower is quite well known product in the world of sanitizing elements
and you can find this at any particular point of interest. There are many other
options when it comes to power shower and installing something other than the
paradoxical geyser and heater. You can enjoy bathing to the fullest whenever
your bathroom is accustomed with world class thermostatic mixer shower.
This would make your bathroom look a far better.

Three Tips to Improve Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning involves cleaning mats, carpets, seat
upholstery, and other soft surfaces like rugs. The job is considered an
easy one to carry out, especially when compared with hard surface
cleaning. This article offers some basic tips to improve the speed and
efficiency of cleaning. Before dealing with the tips, it is better to
take a look at how the task is carried out.

How to do commercial carpet cleaning?
Carpet wash systems are the main machines used for the task. Commercial carpet cleaning or any carpet cleaning has three stages.

First, the carpets are pre-sprayed beforehand with a soap-free
chemical, so that no residues remain. The mixture is allowed sufficient
time to work on the surface. Its work involves breaking or weakening
the bond between dirt and the surface.

After providing sufficient time to carpets to soak in the
mixture, the cleaning is created by the pressurized flow coming from
the wand. Thirdly, the residue is then extracted from the surface. Here
are some tips to make all these three steps faster and more efficient.

Tip 1: Use heated versions
For lighter commercial
carpet cleaning jobs, carpet steamers are not needed. Whereas, for
high-traffic areas or to enhance the cleaning power, the addition of
heat enhances the cleaning to a great extent. Many of the latest
commercial carpet cleaning machines generate hot water temperatures of
up to 210°F. Heat plays a major role in reducing the drying times of
the top carpet cleaner equipment. This further reduces the risk of mold
or mildew growth, which is commonly found within carpets cleaned by
high-flow, slow-drying carpets wash machines.

Many of the latest commercial carpet cleaning machines
feature inline heating technology, due to which they can reach
temperatures of up to 210ºF within only 5 minutes. For machines with a
single heating element, it takes a bit more time for the machines to
achieve the maximum output temperature. Top carpet cleaner models have multiple in-line heating elements.

Tip 2: Use green chemicals
It is also important to use green chemicals as cleaning agents in
carpet cleaner machines. Synthetic detergents leave toxic residues on
carpet surfaces. Green chemicals refer to the cleaning agents derived
entirely from plants and vegetables.

In other words, these chemicals do not contain a single
artificial substance. The advantage of green chemicals is that they
clean well, at the same time, do not leave any toxic residues on the

Tip 3: Use machines that come with low flow technology
Some of the modern industrial carpet cleaner
equipment feature low flow technology. The specialty of this technology
is that these machines limit the transfer of water onto the surfaces.
Such industrial carpet cleaner models save water.

Make sure you look for all the above mentioned features while buying a carpet wash system for commercial use.
The best brands on the market offer durable and efficient machines. Get
quick cleaning with equipment from the most reputed brands on the

3 Business Referral Marketing Tips

the best referral marketing tips for your business will likely be a short
series of hit-and-miss attempts before you find the perfect solution for your
particular product or service offerings. To formulate your own referral
marketing style you can check out the tips and ideas others have used in the


may be the true key to referral marketing. Interacting with people in the local
community as well as reaching out to those all over the globe through tools
like social networks is all very vital elements for generating a network that
can be an endless source of referrals for your business.

point with all of the available networking options is not to badger any one of them
needlessly. When utilizing all of the available networking opportunities such
as conferences and events, word-of-mouth suggestive marketing and social
network sharing, business owners should be able to bring in a healthy amount of
consumers who are there because they are already looking for what that business
has to offer.

Partnering for Referrals

businesses that offer products or services that are complimentary to your own.
These partner options can benefit both parties, help reduce cost by sharing
them, and be an endless source of personal branding and referral consumer
growth. A business that washes cars may want to team up with the business that
sells a product that cleans glass or upholstery to offer a sample version of
the cleaner to those who visit the car wash.

reciprocal option could be that the upholstery cleaning business can offer a
free car wash to those who purchase the cleaning products. In this way, both businesses
have a give and take relationship that can benefit all involved with fresh new
referrals. Some cities have networks set up for this type of partnering
benefits. Check your local chamber of commerce for referral marketing tips
businesses or conferences.


are the icing on the cake in all cases. You may always have consumers who so
enjoy your product or services that they are willing to shout it from the roof
tops for no benefit to themselves. However, although some of your consumers may
thoroughly enjoy what you have to offer, they too, have busy lives, maybe their
own businesses to run, and just may not be able to dedicate the time it takes
to help you get even the most well-deserved referrals.

is where incentives come in. When you offer incentives such as discounts or
gifts you are buying a few moments of the consumer’s time. Once you have their
time you have their attention. Once you have a consumer’s attention, you have
only to impress them with your offering. The chance to impress a consumer with
your offering sometimes only comes through offering to let them try it in some
discounted or beneficial form that drives them to give it a moment of their
time. Incentive referral marketing tips are very helpful to this type of plan.

What a personal career coach can do for you

If we are
looking for someone who can mentor us, give us sound advice on our careers, be
someone who can guide us in the right path then the personal career coach is what you need. A personal career coachis your answer to those times where you were
confused and did not know where to go or when you felt unfulfilled with your
career. They are the ones that can help you reach the success that you aim to

Career coaching has become popular because it
is directly involved in a person’s career which is a huge part of his success.
We can compare a personal career coach with
a personal chef. A personal chef’s goal is to provide nutritious and at the
same time delicious food to his clients. Like a personal chef, a career coachhas in his mind the success of his
client. Success and happiness with the career of his choice is his answer. He
is able to do this through insight and balance.

 A personal career coachshould also be
able to set aside his needs in place of the needs of his client. His client is
his priority and as soon as his client sees that, his client will be able to
trust and open up to him more. The coach will be able to gain the confidence of
his client by doing the right thing for his client always. Once they establish
trust and confidence with their client, they will be able to establish a good
relationship with his client and be a strong influence on them. This strong
influence can lead them to their success at their careers and even in their
personal lives. This is why as a coach you have a big responsibility to your
clients. Knowing what their likes and dislikes are can help you in
distinguishing the right career for them. Also they may have the right career
for them but not in the right company, as a coach it is up to you to direct
them to the right path.

As a coachyou not only influence and affect your
clients but also those around them. The teachings and knowledge that you have
shared with your clients will in turn also be shared by them to others. This
makes you affect the lives of many others out there. That is why that as a personal career coach one must practice
the values of hard work, honesty and integrity.

Banners Afdrukken Becoming the Best Option for Advertising and Branding




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Banners afdrukken or spandoek maken,
all the tools must be used for advertising purposes so that an intense effort
that helps in brand building comes up.

One of the best advertising gurus of
the last century David Ogilvy had said that advertising is a business of words,
but advertising agencies are infested with men and women who cannot write. They
cannot write advertisements, and they cannot write plans. This is indeed true
that advertising professionals play vital role in brand promotion and help an
organization reach to new heights; however, it is not possible without zeil
printen or banners afdrukken.

These are the products that make a less
known brand to ubiquitous brands. Canon or Microsoft were not made on day
first; rather, they it took years of efforts to make them a household name. The
efforts from advertising and branding companies are behind the brand name like
Pepsi or McDonald. Modern day business is done with the help of branding and if
a company fails in capitalizing the market it is doomed.

Banners afdrukken have long been
associated with advertising and branding; however, these should come from a reliable
company. The individuals whether running a small organization or a large
corporate body need advertising and marketing. Depending upon budget and time,
the decision on what are the methods is selected for branding and advertising.
Each organization has its limitations; however, effort should be to capitalize
the most.

Like banners afdrukken, zeil printen
is also used for advertising purposes and help immensely in brand building.
These are the best tools which are developed to meet the end i.e. brand
building with little investment. Branding done using media whether electronic
or print is expensive and only few organizations can afford; however, with zeil
printen it can be made with little investment.

These can be used various places
where people throng in large numbers e.g. offices, factories, schools,
colleges, hospitals and others. Such places are suitable to mark a presence;
however, it is also true that zeil printen must be done by a reliable company
and must come from trained professionals. It helps in marketing and advertising
and brand building which is what every organization wants.

Tekst op spandoek or bedrukking
zeilen, each tool is now becoming hot popular for advertising; the important
factor that matters a lot is how fast it helps to meet the requirement. As
David Ogilvy had said, it is indeed the job of a copywriter to bring
effectiveness; however, at the same it has to be understood that banners should
come in quality and last longer for durable impression.

More Detail Ontwerp
reclame zeil & spandoek & Banners

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Learn from the feat of Dolphins….. dear Corporate




marine world is full of life, fun and plethora of management insights that are
essential for every corporate and its employees to learn.  It is reported that a dolphin that weigh 5
ton can jump 6-7 feet above water.   How such an amazing feat is possible for such
massive animals like Dolphins?


insight and knowledge of the massive Dolphins to accomplish such feat, every
corporate must learn and apply.  Neither
the size nor the weight really determines the distance of their jump and only
the understanding and planning that determines the success of such feat.


jumping high to the air, the Dolphins do go deep inside the ocean and then swim
vertically towards the surface of the ocean with great speed, keep swimming to
maintain the speed & strength and that is how they reach great distance
above the water.


speed to go forward especially to above the water level can come only from the
strength gathered from deep below the water.  
Only the speed gained from behind can help one to move forward
fast.  The theory of ‘momentum gained and
momentum lost’ perhaps, the Dolphins might know much before the man knows


needs to be interpreted differently by the corporate people.  One can move forward in ones career depends
on how deep one has gone deep inside ones learning.  If one refuses to go inside the subject of
ones field, one would never able to move forward. 


heavy Dolphins apply the above insight in its life and that is how it could
jump high above water i.e. to the air.  


people live with superficial knowledge and the knowledge that is ‘manufactured
cosmetically’ is like fishes that live in the periphery of some lakes.  In the periphery of lakes, one cannot gain
great speed to go forward as such speed they cannot gain from deep inside the
water.  The water is shallow.  


people who live in such shallow space of knowledge in the corporate cannot go
forward in their career.  One must commit
to learn, improvise and improve ones knowledge at least for the sake of ‘own’
growth and success.


Dolphins while jumping also gets the better picture about the presence of
fishes.  Dolphins take the cue from the
presence of ‘fish eating’ birds to know the presence of the fishes.  Then they move towards the place where they have
identified the presence of fishes.  When
they are in water, possibility of having an aerial view is limited.


when people travel from the depth of their knowledge, they will be recognized
and respected in the world.  When the
corporate people engage in such activity, limitations become
opportunities.   The massive weight of
Dolphins never limits their feat as they go deep inside the water to gain
strength and speed to jump above the water. 


water, the dolphins may not find its body heavy or massive.   Only when it aspires to go above water and
to become free from water, it may likely to experience its weight to be heavy
or light.   In order to overcome such
limitation only, the animal gains strength and speed from deep inside the
water.    Science and management the
Dolphins mix in equal proportions in order to do the amazing jump. 


unfortunately, most corporate never believe in Dolphin’s management and hire
only people with shallow knowledge and understanding.  Mostly, the single men corporate are the one
that follows and believes that knowledge is bane and sycophancy and sycophants
only contributes to the corporate growth.


the intelligence of Dolphins while watching the bewildering feat of Dolphins,
indeed such learning will help you to grow in your career if not the single
man’s corporate. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma
Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


more from the management books


  1. Jungle
    wisdom for corporate management – lessons from the university of nature by
    Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan
  2. Nature
    – The Entrepreneur by Dr S Ranganathan

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Benefits of the Design for the Application of the Regenerative Turbine Pump

The sizing of regenerative turbine pumps is for approximately 20 percent of the flow of the total system. While this makes them particularly good for oil recovery systems, it also makes them a viable choice for wastewater treatment for specific situations. High strength wastewater that comes from pulp and paper manufacturing, the food and beverage industry, breweries and petroleum industry can present its own special problems solved by the regenerative turbine pump.

Regenerative turbine pumps are sturdy workers and you can mount them in many different locations. The pump materials are stainless steel, iron or brass. They may be flex-coupled or close models. There are numerous capacities from five to over 120 GPM. You can select pumps with heads in excess of 200 feet, too. Regenerative turbine pumps also have economical seals.

You’ll find these pumps come in both dual-impeller and single-impeller units. It contains an internal cavity that offers both maximum pressure and capacity and at the same time minimizes the horsepower required. The design of the pump optimizes the fluid pumping dynamics and that improves overall pressure and efficiency. When in the pump cycle, there’s almost a complete dissolution of the entrained gasses and it’s at the highest possible volume. This minimizes the horsepower used since it only requires a single pass.

The pump has a high efficiency range and produces bubbles approximately 20 to 30 microns in size. In most cases, they’re termed whitewater. Whitewater technicians need to select carefully the pump and materials used for piping by the type of fluid and temperatures expected. They should also be able to control safety features, as well as having built in automatic features.

Saturation time needs maximization too.
If choosing a pump, you also need to match the hydraulic capacity and system flow and consider the regenerative turbine pump limitations. These include a discharge pressure of 125 psi with a seal pressure of 200 psi. Suction vacuum is 26 inches of Hg with a flex speed of 1,750 rpm and a close speed of 3,450 rpm. Its temperature can be between -20 degrees Fahrenheit and 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consumer and Employee Referral Program Examples

Two of the main types of referral programs are those that
target consumers for rewards, and those that target employees. Both types of
referral programs are critical to any extended marketing referral efforts.

Consumer Referral Program Examples

The best way to begin to implement your own customized
program is to brainstorm referral program examples for yourself. Some great
examples can be found here.

  • Give each satisfied customer that refers a
    friend or family member to you a gift, future discount or gift certificate for
    their effort.
  • Allow consumers to build their own referral
    rewards by increasing the number of referrals to increase the value of a
    reward. Those who refer just one, or even a few are nicely rewarded, those who
    actively work for more referrals for your business are more generously gifted
    or given better or more valuable options for rewards.
  • Create buzz and business for yourself by
    running goofy, fun or otherwise entertaining contests that are relevant to your
    business. Have a product you are selling? Invite customers to send you photos
    of their most creative use for your product. These type of customer referral
    program examples will allow a business to increase the knowledge of the usage
    of their own products as well as providing entertainment and interactivity
    options to existing customers.

The main thing to remember when creating your own consumer
referral program is that just like many other elements of your business, your
marketing program will speak for your business, to your consumers, in first
impressions. If your marketing referral program is not well accepted by your
current customers, it may be time to ditch the program, or upgrade it

Employee Referral Program Examples

Although some employee referral program examples will
resemble those of similar consumer examples, there is always the deeper
perspective of the employee side. Having an employee of a business speak in
favor of that company’s services or products is generally seen as a very
positive advertisement. Because employees often understand the importance of
their referral to a business, they are less likely to take them lightly and
without critical inspection of the product or service being referred.

  • Have employees build up a system of extended
    referrals by giving them growing rewards as their referral number increases.
    Apply the options for rewards to the overall benefit and branding of your
    business by making those rewards have positive impact on future employee
    options as well as consumers. A good example of this would be allowing
    employees to earn training or education credits, paying for their courses and
    offering a final system of promotion.
  • Provide your employees with positive
    referral benefits that they can truly appreciate. Devise an organized system
    that allows them to save points or credits to earn extra paid days off, earn an
    additional side income or even paid vacation packages.

While perfect referral program examples may not exists, this
is because each program of referral needs to be as custom tailored to your
specific products or service offerings. Do not be afraid to change the rules or
details of your program as it grows, but never do so without alerting consumers
or employees.

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Get Your Heavy Loads Carried Away By Logistic Transportation Companies

Earlier the heavy things were carried by taking help of laborers but today you can say that even these things have reached the level of advancement. Today they don’t take help of the laborers instead companies providing logistic transportation service is called to take the load of the heavy things.

Today, industries are showing enormous hunger for global reach, solid organization, and higher profit measurements through proven technologies. Transportation industry too is feeling the same sensations and thereby flaunts its technological know-how and heaps its attention to bid more set of dependable and hands-on services so that their customers can receive undoubted success in their subdivisions. Actually in reality, load shipping services companies are giving away such facilities so that it could improve bottom-lines and safeguards measureable results for their clienteles.

From right of way to express service transports, curtain sided wagons with and without tail lifts, flat bed vans, vehicles, pick-up truck; these haulage companies are uninterruptedly offering best of the best unswerving services, matching the uppermost level of performance, level of proficiency as well as consistency. Their amalgamated piece of practical services is strong-minded to provide affluence to the medium of transport to and fro, from one state, city or even country to another. They do it to provide maximum satisfaction so that their clients can get better conveyance facility without any difficulty and they in return get maximum faith which in the coming years will also help to increase their business. Thus, in order to provide comprehensive mix of wide- ranging services that matches well with the industrial values, these companies are breeding the perfect sense of balance of managing the precious time, space, regularity and cost.

These Haulage companies try to give their best offer with the availability of full spectrum providing solutions for the transportation, they who are serving their customers and leading the market as the logistic service providers are managing to render unmatched services including, but not being limited to services such as:
Value Service to any Journey’s end

Economic and appropriate delivery of the respective products and commodities

Safe, sound and managed delivery of goods and chattels through smooth networks

Door to Door service with the perfect timing

Including United Kingdom they offer worldwide delivery  of the unmatched terrestrial reach 

Contact them whenever you feel need of shifting your goods.